So I got a Facebook friend invite from an innocent looking person. (actual invite displayed here on the right)

I accepted as nothing seems out of place (no alarm bells going off yet)

A few hours later, ‘she’ starts commenting on photo’s I posted. But ‘her’ posts’ are ads for a typical loan scam company (see pic below). 


When we accept Facebook friend requests, we believe they will NOT abuse our ‘friendship’ with junk and spam messages, right?

If this happened to you – (I trust) most people would get annoyed and immediately unfriend and block the new ‘friend’!

But not me. I got upset (how dare she abuse the ‘trust’ I just allowed her by accepting her friend request!)

So the investigator inside me decided to…               

So naturally 1st thing to do is to look at ‘Rena Van’s’ Profile (weird surname I noticed – but that’s probably just the scamster’s typo mistake?)

Up and until this stage; I still believed it was the actual woman in the Facebook profile photo that was abusing my ‘friendship’

But lo and behold; when I click on her Facebook profile name, now her photo is gone? (see photo right)

Okay, so I do a reverse image search on the internet and voila – got ‘her’ (or atleast the photo the scamster cropped to use on Facebook) 

Now things get interesting!

The actual woman on the photo is also on Property24, so it did not take me long to find her. ‘Maryke Pucjlowski’ – with such a distinct surname, I find it highly unlikely that she might be a fake estate agent?

So further online ‘Maryke Pucjlowski’ searches start to show whom she is.


So at this stage; I decided to leave Maryke alone and pursue the email I received from the SCAM loan company 

PS: will inform Maryke of the above!

(if you want to help – you can ask all your friends to send as much JUNK as they can to this SCAM address….)


First I established that there IS a legitimate Melo Finance SA (Pty) Ltd, Registration No. 2014/279919/07 and they are REAL. They ARE aware of this FAKE scam loan company impersonating their own and have numerous online warnings NOT to contact 



I emailed from my personal (non email address as linked to my personal Facebook profile and inform them that YES please I would like to apply for a business loan.

They promptly replied with an application form to be completed and returned to them WITH (1) Copy of Your ID card:
(2) Latest Pay Slip:
(3) Three Months Bank Statement:





I filled in the form with FALSE information and emailed it back to them WITHOUT (1) Copy of Your ID card:
(2) Latest Pay Slip:
(3) Three Months Bank Statement:

Within about two hours they replied that my loan was approved (with attached Terms & Conditions)














The last part of the Terms and Conditions state…

If there is anything you will like to add do not fail to bring it to my attention, our loan program is very direct and flexible. Hence on your agreement with the foregoing terms you are required to know that the loan will be transferred to your bank account.
Full Name of Account Holder:
Name of Bank:
Bank Address:
Bank Location:
Bank Account Number:
Amount to be transferred into Your Account:

The loan must be registered: I want to inform you that you don’t have to pay for any fees apart from getting the loan registered. This is a security check that has been put in place as a result of scams that are now been reported in recent time. This registration will allow for the tracking down of this funds should we fail to deliver which cannot be the case and you failing to pay back the loan at the agreed time which i should think will not happen, but to be on a safer side we will need to get the funds registered by the appropriate agency, and this will cost you the sum of R2800 (Very cheap) for the registration of the loan.
NOTE:This registration fee is refundable two days after you receive your loan


NB: also searched for as many email addresses and internet ads as we could find and REPORTED them ALL 

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  • You’ve spend a lot of time investigating this scam.. Well done thank you for sharing this info with your fellow-South Africans. Local SA – Search SA

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