And they say MEN are the dominant species of our race; hah!

Men are so quickly to believe they are hot and macho and women should fall at their feet; what a joke! Women have ALL the power; they only allow us men to think that we are gods…

More and more I see that women cope perfectly well without men – it’s guys thank can’t keep it in their pants!

If I look at social media trends, it is very disturbing to see how quickly married, engaged and involved men fall over their tongues to try and get a ‘hot’ girl’s attention on social media.

The scary part is; scamsters and hoaxters know this which make it so easy for them to lure these ‘macho’ men. (most the time it’s a fake girl photo anyway and the guy’s probably chatting up another guy… bwahahahaha!)

Apparently a lot of these ‘happily married, committed, macho, alpha males’ are more man than one woman can handle and thus they have to troll the internet to spread their ‘seed’!

Guys, you are supposed to be the leader of your household, the one your family looks up to! (does your wife/fiance/girlfriend have free access to your social media pages, or do you have a ‘secret’ page?)

And if I am upsetting ANY men right now… then you’ve just given yourself away – you’re one of these ‘macho’ men!


EXAMPLE: I got a Friend invite from this hot girl (because I’m such a hot guy – yeah right!)
so the decent thing is to chat to her right (my conversation in blue)

If ‘he/she’ didn’t swear at me, I would have left it alone; blocked ‘her’ and forget about it, but NO!

I’ve gotten so many of these already; I spot them a lot easier now… so I thought, just to do a quick check on ‘her’ (see below)


and ALL the male macho idiots who replied to her – don’t worry I won’t expose you and your disgusting chats to your wives, family and girlfriends! (I am interested though to know what she got out of you… what was the SCAM?)

so maybe one of you could private message me anonymously what’s her scam?

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  • JFK

    With all due respect: If your ‘Friend’ invite is genuine and sincere; great! BUT, if you want to ‘Friend’ me so you can send me junk, spam or abuse my page (or indirectly MY FRIENDS) – I guarantee, I WILL ruin your Facebook experience! (see below)…/
    (ALSO as I am South African and managing and promoting a local SA business; I see NO need whatsoever to accept ‘Friend’ requests from outside South Africa)

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