Rainbow Crime Nation

I’m not racist because racism is a crime and the most important expectation I have of my beloved country is that I will be treated equally

… and when it comes to crime In SA we are all treated equally; all the colors of our rainbow nation are equally affected and traumatized by crime. Crime is selective and opportunistic yes; but it is definitely not racist! Victims are black, white, colored, indian and all the other diverse races in our ‘NEW’ South Africa.

People are desperate; without hope and jobless – how long can you go hungry before you start to steal food, then progress to break-ins and so on, and so on…? Yes I realize that this desperate criminal is in the minority when it comes to serious crime. Our main culprits are the career criminals who believe they are owed a better life and will take want they want, when they want it, from whomever they want; irrespective of the risk involved or the violence needed to accomplish this.

All these criminals do all day and night is think up new ideas of getting to you and your belongings and looking for opportunities to get in and out quickly. If the white people’s house next to the black neighbor’ house looks more difficult to break into; then they take the black man’s possessions. Tomorrow in another part of town; the white guy’s house is more exposed and thus an easier target.

We are all in this together and the only way we can affect change is to admit this fact and start working together! You cannot bitch and moan about crime if you are not doing your part to fight back!

Are you willing to become part of the solution and throw your talents and efforts into the mix?

CrimeSA.com is starting a ‘Now We Fight Back’ campaign! Are you in? Will you get involved?

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