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Our Exclusive Team is a Network of passionate and professional individuals with their own specialties and/or businesses that have joined our 'Now We Fight Back' campaign. Unfortunately in a perfect world we would have loved to offer these Expert Services FREE of charge but as these dedicated people do it for a living, Consultation and Service fees will apply. Be assured - you are getting the best of the best!
When everything around you has failed - they will help!

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Private Investigator

With more than 30 years experience as a registered Private Investigator and access to a national network of dedicated professionals in related investigative fields. Background checks, Lie-detection, Surveillance, and criminal cases. Spy equipment (bugging & de-bugging). Guaranteed Private and Confidential Investigations.


Ex Policeman and Detective; SWAT and Special Forces including VIP training. Defensive Driving Training, Fingerprint Expert and Forensic Photographer. Weapons and Firearms Trainer and Assessor.  Protests and Crowd Control Specialist. Court Cases familiarity. Commissioner of Oaths. Hand-made Blade Maker.

IT/Software Expert

Online Information Security; Legal/Ethical hacking; Computer and networking individuals who systematically penetrates and traces online issues on behalf of CrimeSA.com and our Clients. Using penetration techniques to locate and expose Online Fraud, Scams, Hoaxes, Fake Identities and Criminal Activities.