Missing Person(s)

You do not need to wait for 24 hours to report a missing person

If someone close to you is missing, you should report it to the police as soon as you know they are missing.  

You can contact the Bureau for Missing Persons to report a missing person or go to your nearest police station and report that the person is missing as soon as you know they are missing.

Take with you a recent photograph of the missing person so that it can be scanned into the National Bureau for Missing Persons database. This database is a Crime Stop project and police all over the country use it. Give any information that might help to identify the person, such as their age, height, hair colour, eye colour, and any identifying marks such as scars or tattoos. You may be asked to fill in forms giving all this information.

A detective will be assigned to the case. You should make sure that you have the name and contact details of the detective, and keep in contact with them. You should give that detective any new information about the missing person that you get after you have reported the case.

Remember to inform the police should the missing person be found.

source: http://www.gov.za/services/report-crime/how-report-missing-person

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