Myself and my girlfriends brother came back from a job and arrived at my house at about 8-9 in the evening.

As i was about to open the gate to my yard a green nissan almera pulled up behind us and asked where pamona was.I immediately knew we were gonna get hijacked and as i thought that 3 idiots jump out said car.Two of them had 9mm pistols in hand while the one stayed in the car and the forth idiot went straight for the keys of my girlfriends brothers car.I am glad we never got shot but as a man who hates guns i am now gonna try and apply for one.The time for talk is over and it is time to take action.I am personally disgusted that there are so little jobs in this country that people resort to this shit.Our government is pathetic and us as a country need to take matters into our own hands now because our wonderful SAPS are just as fucking useless.

This country sucks

Kind Regards


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