I Dare you! Prove me Wrong?

I watched an interesting documentary on TV last night about ancient Bible (community) rules. This specific episode was dealing with curses, truth sayers and prophets. What got my attention was the mention that when kids cursed their parents in those days; by law, the kids were killed.

For a long time, I have been saying that our crime problem stems from the manner our kids grow up these days. I truly believe they are linked!


A huge contributing factor to crime today is the abolishment of child punishment.

When I was a kid, if you screwed up, you got the hiding of your life and every time you were naughty, ignored your parents rules, lied to them, steal a friend’s toy, you got a hiding. The same rules were applied at school; teachers were legally allowed to deal out the necessary punishment and it was typically noted in your homework book and your parents had to sign to acknowledge that you were punished by a teacher for failing an exam, fighting at school or whatever.

All of this also instinctively taught you respect for your elders, which is another part of our crime problem.

Many, many years ago while in the early years of secondary school; all boys were automatically registered by the schools with the South African Defense Force. By standard 10 (called std 8 back then), the army wanted to know if you were going to continue school or leave school for other reasons. If you weren’t going to continue your schooling you were issued call-up instructions to the army, which meant you had no choice in the matter.

You will show up and serve a minimum of two years with them; and they decide where you will be stationed and what you will train as, i.e. infantry, armorer, mechanic, paratrooper etc.

I am not going to lie to you, it was a hard time but I honestly believe this was a very necessary step in a young boy’s life! It exposed you to serious challenges and taught you the respect and discipline that would ultimately be needed in later life. It brought the ‘bullies’ and so called ‘tuff’ guys down to earth as well as challenged ‘nerds’ to fend for themselves. It also got rid of the ‘psycho’ elements early on.

Everybody was literally just a number and to be noticed, you had to prove yourself and excel. It also instilled in you a healthy respect for authority.

The fact that we do not have mandatory military discipline combined with the respect for authority is a huge contributing factor to our crime problems today.

I challenge any psychologist (or parent) to prove me wrong!!!???

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