Why do Christians also suffer crime?

Yes I do admit that really bad things are happening to really good people as well. But for this article; lately I’ve been asking this question too often. Crime is so close to us all now that it affects us daily. Why would our God allow these terrible things to happen? Heartbreaking, violent deaths of pure of heart Christians that didn’t die gently in their sleep, no; but died at the hands of criminals who have no empathy and add no value to a life.

The horrific stories that reach me describing the most violent criminal attacks on Christians. The violence and torture that some had to endure as they were slowly murdered and some survived but would never be quite whole again?

And then yes as a Christian you do ask why my God would allow it to happen to true Christians?

Hitler and the Jews; Stalin executed millions of his own people; Israeli–Palestinian conflict; ISIS and Christians. We are murdering each other; wiping complete generations off the face of the earth for something called ‘religious belief’.

I was a little surprised to learn that my Bible actually warns that we as Christians should expect It!

Why does God allow suffering? If Jehovah God is all-powerful, loving, wise, and just, why is the world so full of hatred and injustice? Have you ever wondered about these things yourself?

You see, He gave us free will, intellect and emotion to do with as we may. And herein lays the problem. You chose to life a Christian life and strive every day to follow His rules. But the criminal with no moral code or any sense about how precious life is; he doesn’t care about your God!

As Christian’s we must take responsibility! We as Christians need to be acutely aware that we ourselves are responsible for our own safety and well-being while still trusting in God. We need to live life daily being situationally aware. You need to stay involved and educate yourselves about crime so you may be able to spread the word..  

Just be Alert and a little Paranoid. Situational Awareness is the ability to identify, process, and comprehend the critical elements of information about what is going on around you at the time and what is about or likely to happen at any given moment.

Practice situational awareness – Pay attention to your surroundings at all times until it is instinctive. it may just save your life or that of a loved one. This is real people! Every victim it happened to was overwhelmed and didn’t think it would ever happen to them!

As the names implies, situational awareness means simply knowing what’s going on around you. It sounds easy in principle, but in reality requires a lot of practice. And while it is taught to soldiers, law enforcement officers, and yes, government-trained assassins, it’s an important skill for civilians to learn as well.

In a dangerous situation, being aware of a threat even seconds before everyone else can keep you and your loved ones safe. While the focus is primarily on developing your situational awareness to prevent or survive a violent attack, the principles discussed can also help hone your powers of observation in all areas of your life.

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