Are you kidding me?

(do you now see to what extremes we have to go to get your attention?)

I am truly stunned every time it happens; but I see it over and over; day in and day out…

People will post on social media for days and days about how pathetic dstv is. They’ll message back and forth pages and pages of debating the price of (old stock) marshmallow eggs in the supermarket isles. Hours and hours of conversation about someone who found a cockroach in their coke at McDonalds…

But try as we may; we cannot get them to show the same persistence about messaging about CRIME!

What would it take for our people to start realizing how bad it really is and understand that it’s just getting worse? What do we need to do to get people to be just as persistent posting on social media about crime?

Are you going to wait till you become the victim to start screaming it from the rooftops??? need your help people! The situation is already beyond a critical stage. What would it take to wake you up; to get involved and make your voice heard?

Are you going to wait till they kill your loved one or rape your daughter or will we hear from you after you woke up and they’re already in your house!

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