Apostle, prophet… says who?

Pastors I understand; Reverend’s I also get – both these are religious occupations that takes years of study before they are deemed capable to minister. I also wholly acknowledge that there are only a very few legitimate apostles, evangelists and prophets worldwide that really do have a calling and gift from God.

What does concern me are the multitude of so-called ‘holy’ men and women who decide to call themselves apostles, prophets and evangelists… These are the dangerous ones as it’s all about their own fame, personal wealth and ‘ignorant’ followers than actually building a church of God. Yes they talk the talk and supposedly put on a perfectly believable act in front of their congregation, but behind the scenes they are anything but holy! And all they want is more of your money!

Prophetic ministry should bring positive change and hope – not cans of Doom insect killer! How desperate can people really become? How delusional must you be to believe being sprayed with insect poison in your face will heal your woes?

How many ‘holy’ men and women have been caught stealing millions from their congregation! Having affairs, caught with drugs, mixing it up with prostitutes, and selling so-called ‘healing’ gimmicks to millions that fall for their scams!

I believe it’s time to start changing the law so these ‘false prophets’ can no longer do business. And do not even get me started on traditional ‘healers’ and witchdoctors! The newspapers on online media are full of their scams, hoaxes and fake spells that involve millions of Rands!

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