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Crime SA (Pty) Ltd is looking for passionate FREELANCE Crusaders willing to take up the fight against crime in SA.

Your intolerance for crime will be the passion that drives you to assist us to ‘fight’ crime behind the scenes.

You will ONLY deal directly & confidentially with our Founder and Director JFK (until such time as you are referred to a Team Member for their specialized skill set). Confidentiality Assured!

We have various options of membership ( do not employ individuals). We are a Network of individuals that fight crime in the background using our combined LEGAL talents and resources. Membership Options:

(JFK will personally email you to confirm before any SENSITIVE sign-up details take place!)

  • Join Our Team (anonymous option available)
  • Register as a Confidential Informant – the Form below
    (none of your details will be displayed anywhere – know one will know you exist or assisting
  • Write for us – Become a Author and create your own following and brand
  • Report criminal activity anonymously on our Crime Tip-Off platform
  • Tell your Story – Share your unfortunate criminal experience with us anonymously
  • Join, Like, Share and Follow us on Facebook
  • Just Talk to us in general or provide us with a new idea – make suggestions to improve our Site
  • Report ONLINE Social Media Scam, Hoaxes and/or suspicious activity
  • Sign Our Petition – your support is extremely important!
  • Subscribe to us – we won’t annoy you with spam mail
  • Register with (all you need is a User Name and VALID email address to auto confirm)

No illegal or unlawful actions will be required from you; we will ‘fight’ with wisdom, skills and combined expertise that will legally shut the criminals down for good! Expose all criminal types – fraudsters, hoaxes, scams as well as directly assist victims of crime with private criminal investigations.

or maybe you prefer to stay anonymous
but want to help us fight crime anyway
then please use our Anonymous Tip-Off platform


(unfortunately the people’s life you save will never know you were their savior…)

We require freelance intellectuals in various fields of expertise; (and yes you can remain ANONYMOUS)

  • Skilled Hackers, IT Experts, Code Writers
  • Attorneys, lawyers – criminal, defendant, legal-aid
  • Private Investigators, Confidential Informants
  • Surveillance Technicians and Counter measures
  • Competent media writers and reporters
  • Social Media Experts – all the platforms
  • Photography Specialists and Analyzers
  • Videographers and Analyzers
  • Security Consultants and Self Defense Experts
  • any skill, talent and expertise that will benefit our fight against crime

See Our current Team HERE

PS: is privately owned & funded – do not ask ‘How much you are getting paid for this?’
(If you do not realize the future possibilities of THIS networking tool now, then you’ll just be a liability later)


The data below will not be published to a public post – this data ONLY gets emailed to – from the data submitted, JFK will compile a brief introduction of you to be displayed on Our Team page – this brief intro will be emailed to you for your approval prior to publishing on Our Team page

I’ve also created The INTELLIGENCE EXPOSE – CLOSED SECRET Facebook group to be used by our combined resources of SA locals to reveal and investigate illegal and unlawful issues that affect South Africa. ONLY members of this group can SEE this group. ONLY members can post and view discussions. ONLY people who can contribute investigative ‘tools’ & talents will be INVITED to join! – HERE I truly believe we can make a huge impact!