ANC municipalities have been robbing us dry

The City of Johannesburg recently tabled its Integrated Annual Report for the 2015/16 financial year, which showed rampant maladministration under the previous ANC-led government.

Mayor Herman Mashaba said the total balance for unauthorised expenditure under the ANC regime in the city reached R3.4 billion.

“A shocking lack of attention to financial management practices resulted in a failure to adequately investigate cases of unauthorised, irregular, and fruitless and wasteful expenditure,” said Mashaba.

The total balance of irregular expenditure in Johannesburg reached R1.8 billion, due to the contravention of supply chain management procedures under ANC rule.

“Disgracefully, unauthorised expenditure identified in previous financial years was not investigated to determine whether a person was liable for the expenditure,” said Mashaba.

Mashaba has started to take action, with arrests of allegedly corrupt city officials.

“The days of blatant maladministration in the city going unpunished have come to an end.”

After the DA took over the country’s major metros and gained access to their finances, it uncovered a slew of corruption and maladministration under the ANC.

Tshwane mayor Solly Msimanga unveiled a series of schemes to enrich city officials and irregularities related to the R90-million renovations of the Pretoria City Hall.

Nelson Mandela Bay mayor Athol Trollip launched an anti-corruption hotline shortly after he took office, which has already resulted in 38 internal investigations.

Below are several of the prominent revelations in former-ANC-led metros which are now governed by the DA.

Revelations about former-ANC-led cities

  • The total balance for unauthorised expenditure in the City of Johannesburg under ANC rule reached R3.418 billion.
  • The total balance of irregular expenditure in the City of Johannesburg reached R1.78 billion.
  • Five contracts worth R399 million were procured without inviting competitive bids in the City of Johannesburg.
  • 10 contracts and quotations worth R52 million were procured in the City of Johannesburg from suppliers without valid tax clearance.
  • One contract worth R19 million was awarded in the City of Johannesburg to a bidder who did not meet the minimum threshold for local production and content.
  • 32 City of Johannesburg officials failed to disclose their interests or that of a close family member, partner, or associate in contracts. These contracts were valued at R309 million.
  • 80 suppliers in the City of Johannesburg were found to have submitted false declarations of interest to the amount of R955 million.
  • The Executive Mayor of Tshwane, Solly Msimanga, has laid criminal charges against senior city officials implicated in corruption in a forensic investigation.
  • The City of Tshwane under ANC leadership spent R300 per light bulb on a unit that would have cost R79 at wholesale price.
  • The Nelson Mandela Bay Municipality has instituted legal actionagainst two service providers to recover misspent Metro funds and monies due to the Metro to the value of R300 million.
  • The Nelson Mandela Bay Municipality Internal Audit department is processing 38 investigations thanks to the new anti-corruption hotline.

Positive developments since the DA took over

  • The Nelson Mandela Bay Municipality will no longer procure expensive luxury vehicles. Money will instead be spent on improving service delivery.
  • The Nelson Mandela Bay Municipality mayor Athol Trollip has issued an instruction to prohibit all Business and First Class domestic air travel for Nelson Mandela Bay officials and public representatives.
  • Msimanga has opened the tender process in Tshwane, making it transparent and open to scrutiny.
  • Msimanga has put a stop to all purchases or leasing of luxury cars for politicians and officials.
  • The City of Johannesburg has intensified its Compliance Unit to interrogate compliance in detail and scrutinise supply chain management contracts.
  • The City of Johannesburg made amendments to the administration of its tender system to improve efficiency and promote transparency.
  • Mashaba has capacitated the city’s internal anti-corruption unit which will scrutinise cases in need of investigation.


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